5 Different Types of Pickup Lines

1. Straightforward

These consist of pick-up lines that are to the point, meaning no jokes or puns. They also feel the most authentic since more often than not you start by introducing yourself and then expressing your interest in the other person.

2. Cheesy or Corny

Pick-up lines under this category work best when delivered with confidence. They are unabashed declarations of attraction towards the recipient and will likely elicit laughter as a response. The key here is to show the other person that you know the line is cheesy or corny, but you’re saying it anyway because it’s fun. Get inspired from our archive of cheesy and corny pickup lines.

3. Funny

These are playful conversation starters that will have the person you’re interested in laughing. Funny pick-up lines are a great option if you want to frame yourself as a fun, outgoing person.

4. Cute or romantic

The stuff of dreamy rom-com encounters, pick-up lines of this type are flattering and flirty. They differ from cheesy and corny lines in that they are more subtle and less funny. The goal with a cute/romantic line is to make the recipient’s heart race or make them blush, so coming off as sincere and a bit nervous is more important than appearing confident. Read all cute pickup lines!

5. Dirty

In here you have lines that are openly sexual, so much so that the recipient will likely feel objectified. It is best to stay away from dirty pick-up lines and use one of the other types instead if you want to connect with someone. However if you are using them on your girlfriend or boyfriend they might help to get the fire starting. It’s a funny way to spice up your texting with some dirty talk.