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Romantic Pickup Lines for Your Boyfriend

Pickup lines are a popular conversation starter among single people trying their luck in the dating scene. But did you know you can also use these on your partner?

The right romantic pick up lines for your boyfriend can work wonders on your relationship. It can make his day – and consequently, yours too by making him laugh or smile. Telling him a pickup line when you’re together is an instant mood booster. And if you’re apart, you can let him know he’s in your thoughts by sending a message out of the blue. Whether he’s having a good day or not, he will certainly appreciate your gesture.

A cute pickup line thrown his way every now and then can also spice up your relationship, especially if you haven’t done anything like this in the past. The unexpected interaction between the two of you will make for a nice break in your routine. It may even evoke romantic “new relationship” feelings like being giddy and excited at the thought of being together. This is important because it keeps your relationship from going stale.

Pickup lines always show attraction, so when you use them on him, you make him feel wanted and attractive, thus strengthening your bond as a couple. You can go for a simple compliment – highlight his attractive features, or zero in on a trait of his that turns you on – or choose cheesy, romantic line that will make him blush. You can also take it up a notch and use a flirtier pickup line to signify that you want him.

When choosing romantic pick up lines for your boyfriend, his personality, and the message you want to send should be your primary consideration. Here are the best romantic pick up lines, to use on your partner.