Do Pickup Lines Really Work?!

What is a Pickup Line?  People mostly associate pickup lines with corny openers or dirty jokes. While these can indeed be considered as such, they are but a small sample. In its broadest sense, a pickup line is any opening

These Pickup Lines Work the Best!

The success of a pickup line in getting someone’s attention depends on many factors, so there’s no way to determine which type (or line, if you want to be more specific) works best. You can, however, increase your chances by

Why, When and Where to Use Pickup Lines?

Why Use a Pickup Line? Getting someone’s attention is not an easy task. Countless movies and television shows have showcased the ordeal of a character trying to do so and failing. More often than not, this is due to them

5 Different Types of Pickup Lines

1. Straightforward These consist of pick-up lines that are to the point, meaning no jokes or puns. They also feel the most authentic since more often than not you start by introducing yourself and then expressing your interest in the