These Pickup Lines Work the Best!

The success of a pickup line in getting someone’s attention depends on many factors, so there’s no way to determine which type (or line, if you want to be more specific) works best. You can, however, increase your chances by ensuring that the pickup lines in your arsenal check the following boxes:

1. Easy to understandKeep it concise and straightforward. Using jargon from work or hifalutin words will not make you sound smart, especially if you’re approaching a complete stranger. You’ll likely come off as arrogant and pretentious and lose your chance altogether. 

2. BalancedToo much is never a good thing. Refrain from using pickup lines that are too much – too corny, too cheesy, too long, too condescending, too aggressive, etc. Instead, go for a line that showcases your charm and wit – something that will make them laugh or pique their interest, or both – without going overboard.

3. Appropriate – There are two points here. First, the best pickup line fits the venue and occasion where it is used. And second, it should be appropriate in that it is tailored to the person you are interested in. Observe them discreetly before you make a move. Their demeanor, clothing, and even accessories can provide you with information you can use to choose the pickup line that will likely work on them.

4. Non-threatening – Under no circumstance should a pickup line cause a feeling of discomfort, worry, or worse, danger, in its recipient. On the contrary, the best line should pave the way for you to have a conversation with the person you’re interested by making them feel relaxed and comfortable around you.