Do Pickup Lines Really Work?!

What is a Pickup Line? 

People mostly associate pickup lines with corny openers or dirty jokes. While these can indeed be considered as such, they are but a small sample. In its broadest sense, a pickup line is any opening line a person says to someone with whom they would like to connect, often romantically. If we were to go by this definition, even a simple introduction of oneself or a compliment could be considered a pickup line. However, for many, pickup lines are more elaborate conversation openers – those that involve flattery, wit, and humor, with a touch of flirting. 

So, Do Pick-Up Lines Actually Work?

Pick up lines do work, but only if you make them work. If you feel like you have yet to muster the courage and confidence to deliver one, don’t push it. Start by having your friends act as a wingman and introduce you, or go the subtle, straightforward route. Pickup lines, as mentioned, need not be corny jokes or funny, original lines. You can poke fun at yourself a bit (not to the point of self-deprecation) to elicit a laugh or comment on something you’ve noticed about her (a shirt with a band name, a unique piece of jewelry) and see if she warms up to you. 

If you decide to use a pickup line, make sure it’s something you can say with confidence. Your delivery is also important: body language, tone of voice, and energy should match what you’re saying. And finally, be yourself. Do not use a pickup line that will give off the impression that you’re someone you’re not. Remember, you are trying to establish a connection. 

What do Girls think about Pickup Lines?

Random girls on the street were asked if they think pickup lines work and how they want to be approached, watch the video below to see their reactions: