How to Pick Up Chicks T-Shirt

I love collecting new pick up lines, that’s why I created this site. Every time I read a new one that I find funny, I laugh to myself and imagine how a girl would react if I really had the balls to test them out. I mean the primary reason why pick up lines are created is to pick up chicks. But there is this anxiety deep inside, which holds me back from telling it to her. After a few beer the anxiety slowly goes away, but so does my memory and mostly I forget the pickup lines and just talk some silly stuff.

When it comes to texting, that’s no problem, but nothing beats her face, when you tell her a really funny line in real life. Seeing chicks giggling is one of the most satisfying feeling, so I came to the idea that if I’m not able to tell them myself, I could find someone else to tell them for me… my shirt!

I guess you’ve seen these how to pick up chicks shirts:

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