Just to let you know I eat the booty like groceries
How about you let me clap them cheeks tonight?
They say a kiss is the language of love. Wanna have a conversation?
Are you a pirate? Cause I’ve got a lot of semen waiting for you!
Touch your toes and I will show u where the rocket goes!
Roses are red, I have tons of class, therefore I am eating your ass!
When I saw you, I lost my tongue. Can I put yours in my mouth?
What has four legs and doesn’t have the most beautiful girl on it? My bed. Want to fix that?
Fuck me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist right?
Girl, I’m jealous of your heart. ‘Cause it’s pumping inside you and I’m not.
Are you a trampoline because I want to bounce on you
Are you a mirror? Cause I can see myself inside you.
Do you want to go on a ate? I’ll give you the D later
If you jingle my bells, you’ll have a white Christmas
You must be Medusa because you make me rock hard.
Roses are red grass is greener when i think about you i play with my wiener