Do you have any Irish in you? (if no.) Would you like some? (if yes.) Want some more?
You have pretty eyeballs. Of course they’d be better if they were eyeing my pretty balls.
I must be hunting treasure because I’m digging your chest
Have you ever played leap frog naked??
Excuse me. Do you have chicken in your fridge? (yes) How big are your breasts?
Hey, are you hiring? I really need a blowjob.
I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, but who’s to say it’s wrong if we sleep together?
If I’m a pain in your ass… We can just add more lubricants.
Hi, my name is ______________. I eat pussy like a woman.
Lets skip all the bull-shit lose our inhibitions and DO what we really came here to do.
[Grab his/her tush.] Pardon me, is this seat taken?
[What are you doing?] I’m taking off my shoes. [Why?] So I can take off my pants.