Did you get those pants at 50% off? Cause they are 100% off at my place!
Are you flappy bird? Cause I could tap you all night
I hope you got a pet insurance, cause tonight I’m gonna destroy that pussy.
Call me leaves, cause you should be blowing me.
Do you know your ABC’s? Cause I wanna give you the 4th letter of the alphabet.
I’m asian so I’ll eat your cat
Is there a cellphone in your backpocket? Cause that ass is calling me!
You work at a post office? Cause I saw you checking out my package.
Are you a tortilla? Because I want to flip you over and eat you out!
There are 8 planets in the universe, but only 7 after I destroy Uranus
I’ll treat you like my homework: Slam you on the table and do you all night long!
I named my dick “the truth” cause bitches can’t handle it!
I must be hunting treasure because I’m digging your chest
Do you believe in karma? Because I know some good karma-sutra positions.
You know why I am like a squirrel? Cause I want to bury my nuts in you.
I might not go down in history, but I’ll go down on you!